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Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable June Fund Drive Appeal

Los Angeles Urban

Policy Roundtable

8703 LaTijera Bl. Suite 211

Los Angeles, Ca, 90045



The Center for Investigative Reporting recently published an exhaustive study that exposed the shameful truth about far too many charities in America. They rake in millions and give back virtually none of the donations to the needy. They spend tens of millions on “administrative expenses.” Translated that means colossal officer salaries, lavish dinners, banquets, travel, and the outright use of the funds by the administrators for personal expenses. This outrageous rip-off of donor dollars was glaringly evident in the recent Aurora and Newtown shooting tragedies, the Sandy Hook disaster, and Haiti relief.

The Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, a ten year old 501 C3 public charity and education organization offers a real alternative to charitable giving. Here’s how:


  • Our officers and staff volunteers receive no salaries or administrative expenses.
  • We do not use telemarketers or commissioned middlemen to raise money.
  • Every tax deductible dollar we receive goes directly to aid needy organizations and individuals.
  • We have given more than 100 awards in the past two years to grassroots community organizations with no strings attached.
  • The awards went directly to organizations in Los Angeles and in the nation’s five poorest cities.
  • The organizations we funded are small grassroots groups that provide services from at risk youth training to inner city health and nutrition awareness.
  • The work and accomplishments of the organizations and individuals are posted on our website— This further insures total transparency.
  • The awards are not charity awards but awards designed to aid the organizations and individuals to build community sustainability.
  • The groups that receive our awards have limited or no access to foundation or corporate grants or funding.


If you want a charity to give that guarantees that your donor dollar will go directly to build self-reliance among needy organizations and individuals then the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable is that organization.


Best Wishes,


Earl Ofari Hutchinson

President Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable


Our Target goal is $10,000 by July 1

We thank you for your kind consideration

Donate Now » Click on Google Donate Button at
Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable


Checks to

Los Angles Urban Policy Roundtable

8703 LaTijera Bl. Suite 211

Los Angeles, Ca. 90045

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