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Civil Rights Leaders Call for Murder Violence Summit

Civil rights leaders at the scene of a murder, crash and fire in South Los Angeles, September 3.

Civil Rights Leaders Call on Mayor Garcetti to Convene Emergency South L.A. Stop Murder Summit

National Model for Stopping Murder Violence in Other Cities Plagued by Murder Surge


The surge in murders in Los Angeles and other cities prompted a coalition of L.A.'s civil rights leaders, Najee Ali, President, Project Islamic Hope, William Smart President SCLC-West, K.W. Tulloss, President National Action Network-West, Waymon Baker, Cease Fire Coalition, Pedro Baez, Voice of the Pople Founder, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, President, Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable to call on L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti to convene an Emergency South L.A. Stop Murder Summit. The call is made in response to the wave of murder and gang violence in South L.A. and other cities. The summit could be a model for other cities plagued by murder violence. 

“The surge in murder violence in South L.A. demands immediate action by Mayor Garcetti and other city officials," Says Hutchinson and Ali, The stop murder violence summit would bring civil rights leaders, community residents, anti-gang violence workers, and gang members to the table to take action to stop the violence. The murder crisis is a life and death issue in which city elected officials can bring leadership and resources and coordinate action on the murder violence."

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