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Bill Cosby-Sexual Predator or Still America’s #1 Dad? Hutchinson Report News Channel

Political analyst and Hutchinson Report News Channel Host Earl Ofari Hutchinson presents a special feature video report on “Bill Cosby-Sexual Predator or Still America’s #1 Dad?” For decades Bill Cosby has been enshrined as America's most treasured TV Dad; the quintessential symbol of all that is good and wholesome in family values conscious America. The adulation for Cosby is so colossal and enduring that he’s been rewarded with yet another run at a TV series and a mostly hero worship widely acclaimed biography. But what do we make of the other Cosby.  The one who has been accused tales of drugging’s, rapes, and other assorted sexual abuses by multiple women that spanned decades.

"Cosby is under heavy fire for the sexual abuse allegations, “says Hutchinson, “The Hutchinson Report News Channel will closely examine the new dilemma Cosby faces in fighting to retain his place as America’s top symbol of all that’s wholesome in American traditional family values.”



Bill Cosby-Sexual Predator or Still America’s #1 Dad?

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