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L.A. Civil Rights Leaders on Skid Row Shooting


Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson and other L.A. civil rights leaders on Sunday March 1 called on the Los Angeles Police Commission to hold a Special Hearing on the use of force by officers in skid row encounters. The call is prompted by the killing of a skid row man identified as “Africa” by LAPD officers following an alleged encounter. The killing again calls into serious question the policy, procedures and training officer’s use in dealing with homeless persons on skid row many of who have serious mental challenges.


"The killing of a homeless man identified as “Africa” underscores the need for the police commission to hold a special hearing to fully examine police tactics and training in the use of deadly force by LAPD officers involving skid row residents many of whom have major mental challenges,” says Hutchinson, “The special hearing would be an unprecedented effort by the commission to set a firm protocol and standard LAPD officers use to minimize the use of deadly force in encounters on skid row.”

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