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Too often you hear a radio dj (are they still around?) say about a trac they just played “Timeless.”  However this term is bandied about like other terms that are used frequently. “Superstar”,and “Icon” come to mind.


What is it that makes a musical number a timeless classic?


The song has to have a musical beat and lyrics that don’t depict a certain era. The song has to appeal to today’s youth. It’s long been established that the record buying public is between the ages of 12-19, not 30-60.


As far as those of us who are up there, the thinking by many in the industry is “Oh those people. They like the old stuff. But how many of them go to the shops and pluck down the bucks and buy? Not many.”


True that the music industry has changed dramatically over the years. As we say “It aint what it used to be.” Today if you aren’t successful right out of the box, you’re out faster than what the umpire says.


For example look at Diana Ross and the Supremes. They had about 6 shots out of the box before catching on. Their first success was “When the Lovelight starts Shining through his Eye.” Many of you thought it was “Where Did Our Love Go.” This trac got them out of the box and they scored with it. They almost didn’t record it. The song was first offered to the late Gladys Horton and The Marvelettes. They declined it. The Supremes almost turned it down.  Diana Ross felt it was “childish.” The Motown producers Holland-Dozier-Holland reworked it and history was made.


So many of you are wondering what are the classics?


Here they are according to the genres that I listen to:



10-Take Five- Dave Brubeck

09-Take The “A” Train-Duke Ellington

08-Round Midnight-Thelonious Monk

07-Swing, Swing, Swing-Benny Goodman

06-Bumpin On Sunset-Wes Montgomery

05-Feeling Good-Nina Simone

04-Strange Fruit-Billie Holliday

03-Someone To Watch Over Me-Ella Fitzgerald

02-Flight Time-Donald Byrd

01-Milestones-Miles Davis



10-Volare-Bobby Rydell

09-Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough-Michael Jackson

08-Endless Love-Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie

07-Night Fever-The Bee Gees

06-When Doves Cry-Prince

05-Cry-Johnny Ray

04-Young At Heart-Frank Sinatra

03-I Will Always Love You-Whitney Houston

02-Unforgetable-Nat King Cole

01-Billie Jean-Michael Jackson



10-Bilongo-Eddie Palmieri

09-Micaela-Pete Rodriguez

08-Oye Como Ya-Tito Puente

07-Guantanamera-Celia Cruz

06-Seranata Husateca-Miguel Aceves Mejia

05-Cabo E-Ricardo Ray

04-Azuquita Mami-Johnny Pacheco

03-Ran Kan Kan-Tito Puente

02-Azucar Pa Ti-Eddie Palmieri

01-Jazzy-Willie Colon



10-Try A Little Tenderness-Otis Redding

09-You Gave Me Something-The Fantastic Four

08-Sexual Healing-Marvin Gaye

07-Ain’t Too Proud To Beg-The Temptations

06-This I Swear-The Skyliners

05-Stay In My Corner-The Dells

04-Lovers Never Say Goodbye-The Flamingos

03-So Far Away-The Pastels

02-Magic Moon-The Rays

01-You’re The Reason-The Ebonys



10-Highway 61 Revisited-Bob Dylan

09-Off The Wall-Michael Jackson

08-Rubber Soul-The Beatles

07-Birth of The Cool-Miles Davis

06-Innervisions-Stevie Wonder

05-Bitches Brew-Miles Davis

04-Thriller-Michael Jackson

03-The Sun Sessions-Elvis Presley

02-Sgt. Pepper-The Beatles

01-What’s Going On-Marvin Gaye


There you have it. Let me know your opinions and what you feel are your timeless classics. Enjoy your holiday.


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