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Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Civil Rights Leaders Demand Trump Release His Brth Certificate and College Competency

Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable

620 E. Manchester Blvd.

Inglewood 90301


April 27, 2011


Mr. Donald Trump
Trump Organization
725 Fifth Ave.
New York 10022

Mr. Trump:

You have repeatedly called on President Obama to produce his long form birth certificate and you have questioned his college competency. As a potential GOP presidential candidate, we call on you to produce your long form birth certificate and proof of your college competency. If you can’t or won’t publicly release the documents we demand that you cease the attacks on President Obama on his education and birth.


We say as a serious candidacy for the presidency that you subject yourself to the same standard of public scrutiny that you demand of President Obama. This will also prove to us and American voters that your attacks on President Obama’s education and birth certificate are not racially motivated.


This demand Mr. Trump for public disclosure is made by ten Los Angeles and national civil rights organizations and leaders.





Earl Ofari Hutchinson

President, Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable


Eddie Jones

President, Los Angeles Civil Rights Assn.


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