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This Wednesday, President Obama will address college students and outline how he will make some cuts on defense spending while cutting social programs and put controls on Medicare and Medicaid (MediCal in California).


I can agree on cuts in defense spending. If we were to put the war on hiatus for a week, the recession would be over. Jobs would be available, and the continuing costs of killing, maiming, destroying countries would be no longer on our national agenda.


I agree that we must make some cuts. However don’t cut the programs and services that we have come to rely on for being able to live.


Food stamps, Head Start, college tuition aid, meals on wheels, aren’t programs that we can do without. Cut that and you will have close to 50% and possibly more on the street with no shelter, subject to death and disease that would make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park.


Many of us want to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. America has always been a country of doers and builders. Let us heed the call of bringing our manufacturing  jobs back home as Morris Griffin aka Big Money Griff has advocated for a long time.


Cut Worker Taxes, yes.


We got upset that GE paid no taxes. However we should be more upset that countries like China and India have lower worker tax rates than we do. That must be cut in order to put our people back to work. Consumers in foreign countries still appreciate “Made in the USA” on their labels.


Can you imagine our foundries, factories, and workers once again operating, (with environmental safeguards in place) producing, and employing our people again?


I definitely can.


There needs to be a sane, and fair solution to the mess that quite frankly we created. I don’t just mean just we as Americans, but all of us on this planet, since as many now advocate we are part of a global community.


House Speaker John Boehner is known to shed tears. Why isn’t he crying about the fact that his home state of Ohio has lost more jobs than Michigan?


People out of work, on the street with no prospects for work should be enough to bring us all to tears.


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