The Hutchinson Report Asks Will You Boycott the NFL Over Kap, If So, How?

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Will You Boycott the NFL Over Kap, If So, How?
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  • Roger Madison

    Earl, the predominant supporters of the NFL -- financially -- are middle-aged white males.  They are the ones who fill the stadiums and buy the team logo goods, and beer and concessions for their kids and families.  How will Blacks boycott?  Not watch TV?  The TV contracts are paid for.  What else are we going watch on Sunday afternoon and Monday nights?  Every stadium is oversold, and scalpers will fill any seats we don't show up for.  Will the few of us who have season tickets burn them as a show of boycotting?

    The only Black boycott that will work is if the 70% of players who are Black were to walk out in solidarity with Kap.  That is not likely to happen.  They didn't kneel with him.  They won't give up their paychecks for the principle that they all agree with.

  • Earl Ofari Hutchinson

    I agree but we still have to take some action if for no other reason then it keeps us in the activist hunt