Hutchinson Report Townhall Examines the Public Debate over Christopher Dorner’s Actions



Hutchinson Report Host Earl Ofari Hutchinson on Saturday, February 9, will host a townhall of the air on KPFK-Pacifica Radio (90.7 FM), streamed globally on at Noon PST, 3:00 PM EST examining the public debate over whether Christopher Dorner is a cold blooded murderer or if his claim of being a victim has any merit. Dorner’s manifesto blaming the LAPD for his alleged murderous rampage has sparked controversy and even some public sympathy. The Hutchinson Report will also air calls for his peaceful surrender to prevent any more loss of life.  

 “Christopher Dorner has become the object of debate over whether there was any justification for his actions and whether he has a case to make for alleged police misconduct,” says Hutchinson, “The show will look at the issues in the debate over Dorner’s actions and urge his peaceful surrender.”

  • Beyon Mahur Bey

    There are casualties in war!  Unfortunately sometimes innocents get caught in the crossfire.  This brother exhausted all avenues to clear his name as they said he lied about an incident where a fellow officer attacked a citizen (misnomer).  He's just one of many folks who are "fed up" with the racism and lies perpetuated by this system we live!  Hell, it took him 5 years to go off, so he attempted to find justice, but at the end he felt he had to take justice into his own hands.  This is just one example of what's comin down the pipe for the centuries of injustice heaped upon "we the people"!  Ironically this time it happens to be one of their own...