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Time to Stop being Mr. Nice Guy-Pedro Baez

Time to Stop being Mr. Nice Guy
Pedro Baez

In the movie “Kissinger and Nixon,” George Takei who plays Le Duc Tho, says about President Nixon that after the election he will “get tough.”

That is precisely what you need to do Mr. President. Take off the gloves and kick butt. The GOP seems to think they have you in such a way that he will submit to anything they say, like when an opponent giving up when wrestling icon Bruno Sammartino applied the “Italian Back Breaker.”

Politics is not about being nice but getting the job done. LBJ a president who put forth the Great Society and passed civil rights legislation, was a real SOB, but he got the job done. Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader has said from Day 1, that it is the intent of the GOP to make Obama a one term president.

If that is the case, why this nice routine?

I know that as the first declared African-American to be elected President, it is tough. Not being able to pass legislation that will not help African-Americans, Latin-Americans, poor Whites, Native Americans is not the way FDR would handle a Republican congress. Harry Truman labeled the 80th Congress a “Do Nothing Congress.”

Coming from New York you learn that there is no phoniness. You are either loved or not loved. Isn’t Chicago the same way, Mr. P?

I see that you have taken a few plays from Jackie Robinson. When Jackie came up in 1947, he was told by Branch Rickey “You can’t fight back.” At the beginning of the 1949 season, Mr. Rickey took the gloves off Jackie.

Mr. President, you are approaching the fourth year. It’s time to kick some butt.

As the late manager of the Chicago Cubs Leo Durocher said, “Nice guys finish last.”

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