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The True Face of trumpism- Pedro Baez

By now the world has seen the photos, videos, and the reactions from Charlotesville, Virginia. This was right out of the playbook of Bull O’Connor and Lester Maddox. I’m certain that wherever they are they were smiling and got a charge out of the tactics that White Supremacists used.

 Today 45 could have taken charge, could have shown just what the leadership is all about. Instead he struck out, fumbled the ball, fouled out, and showed he deserves to be in the penalty box for whatever time he has remaining on this planet before he heads to hell.

Instead of condemning what occurred and placing blame on the jerks and asinine idiots who initiated this outrageous behavior, he blames both sides?

Excuse me?

People of color did not go out and shoot up white people during protests and rally’s like these guys have done.

What do I like about what happened?

Hopefully it has awaken all the jerks who voted for doofus and have supported him to finally come to their senses and realized the mistake they made and will now join with us, the opposition to demand that Congress begin proceedings that will lead to IMPEACHMENT.

trump violated his oath when he took this job. He swore to preserve and protect not only the constitution, but the citizenry of this country. The deaths and injuries that occurred today lie at the feet of doofus trump.

He is responsible and he should be made to pay.

Today I’m ashamed to be an American.

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