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The Senselessness of it All-Pedro Baez

Today’s tragedy didn’t make any sense at all. What do 20 innocent children in Newtown, CT have to with a deranged individual is beyond me. This could have happened to my children back in the 80’s and 90’s when they were in school. It could have happened to me when I was in school. It didn’t.  I was blessed.


What we witnessed today is perhaps the brutal irony that we have a serious, and I mean a serious problem facing our society today. I am referring to mental health. With the cuts that have been made due to the recession and less funds available to allocate towards combatting this disease, we are seeing the result happening before our very eyes. It makes no difference if we are in the inner city or the so called good neighborhoods of the suburbs, when you snap, you snap. Pain and consequences follow as a result of these actions.


Now as this event sinks in the question becomes how do we prevent this from reoccurring?


First and foremost the mentally challenged must be treated. We must keep guns and other weaponry away from them. They mustn’t be allowed to acquire or be allowed to have the ease of owning a gun. Further the mentally challenged must be registered in the federal registry as are convicted criminals. It is ironic that it is easier to obtain a gun than it is to rent a car.


Common sense needs to prevail if we are to prevent another tragedy.




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