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The Hutchinson Report Declares Show the Colin Kaepernick Hour

On Friday, April 27, the NFL Draft 2017 Begins. Yet, despite a Super Bowl appearance, marketable quarterback skills, a dearth of NFL ready college QBs, and a legion of mediocre NFL QBs, former SF 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick still has not been signed by any NFL team.


The Hutchinson Report Pacifica Radio Townhall of the Air on Saturday, April 22, 9:00 AM PST Noon EST on KPFK Radio-Los Angeles 90.7 FM, streamed at will declare his Saturday April 22 show The Colin Kaepernick Hour. 

The Hutchinson Report Host, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, will ask why Kaepernick remains without a team on the eve of the draft?

The Report will challenge NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to pose that Question to the 32 NFL team owners and managers.

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