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Take an Urban Ballroom Dance Break from Trump

Take an Urban Ballroom Dance Break From Trump

For the millions who are Trump weary, take moments break to watch and have fun with the majestic and energizing world of Urban Ballroom Dancing L.A. Do You Wanna Urban Ballroom Dance L.A. mini-documentary is the perfect momentary antidote to the heavy duty, frustrating and fatiguing Trump overkill coverage, debates and battles. Urban Ballroom Dancing has inspired many of the dance moves and rhythms that have are popularized on everything from Dancing with the Stars to nightclubs and movies. The “Urban” in Ballroom Dancing is a special and unique form of ballroom dancing that combines the formalism and elegance of traditional ballroom dancing with the special quality and style of African-American dance and rhythms.

 It started in Detroit two decades ago and since then has become a fixture on the dance scene in many cities in the U.S.  In Los Angeles, the special flare and flavor of Detroit Urban Ballroom Dance has taken hold while adding a unique style akin to Los Angeles.

Do You Wanna Urban Ballroom Dance L.A. presents a fun look at Urban Ballroom Dance L.A. It presents both a brief history of urban ballroom dancing and a snapshot view of some of the basic moves and style of urban ballroom dancing in L.A. It’s dance to be enjoyed by one and all, young and old. Most important, it gives a much needed and entertaining break from the seeming non-stop and heavy handed world of Trump and political stress and mayhem.

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