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Sunday Night will never be the Same-Andy Rooney, An Appreciation-Pedro Baez

Sunday Night will never be the Same-Andy Rooney, An Appreciation
Pedro Baez

For many of us, the week ended with “60 Minutes.” We would view expose’s and we would then get to "A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney."

Andy was a friend, a pal. He would talk about things that we would discuss with friends, the sock draw, changes in magazine formats, what our relatives do, etc. You name it, Andy talked about it.

Now on Saturday morning November 5, 2011 we wake up to the news that Andy has made his transition. A month ago when he made his last commentary, you could tell this wasn’t just a signoff.

He was saying goodbye.

I’ll never forget 1990 and the charges that he made a racist remarks during an interview. Many of us knew Andy was anything but a racist. He was also castigated by Native Americans for remarks relating to the tribes raking in profits from gambling casinos and not helping those who live in poverty.

You could go down the list. Andy was a guy who spoke his mind. We all know Andy’s. They are our friends, they are us.

Thank you Mr. Rooney for giving us something to talk about on Monday.

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