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Not Again

Pedro Baez


This morning I received word that a music teacher at Cherry Knoll Elementary School in Traverse City decided to change the word "gay" to "bright" in "Deck the Halls" for the children's Christmas concert.


What kind of bu-s—t is that?


This is similar to an attempt last year to remove references to the N word in future editions of the Mark Twain classic “Huckleberry Finn.”


Long before the word gay was used to describe a person’s sexual orientation, the word meant to be happy.


What’s wrong with that?


It is interesting that it isn’t the students who are objecting, it’s the principal and parents who are.


The uproar was overwhelming so much so that the music teacher who started this has “restored” the word to the lyrics.


Why even do it?


It just goes to show that sometimes we inadvertently became pawns in trying to right a situation where there is no wrong in the first place.


There are many words that have more than one meaning.


Are we going to change them as well in order to be politically correct?


When will we learn to leave well enough alone.

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