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It's Time to Respect One Another-Pedro Baez

As a baseball fan, I’m well aware that emotions can run high especially during

the playoffs. However that doesn’t mean that assaulting and seriously injuring

a fan that roots for the opposition is permissible.


In fact it’s downright disgraceful.


By now if your following the NLDS involving the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dogders, you know that a Mets fan was nearly killed on Friday night following the game.


The victim’s identity hasn’t been revealed. All that is known about the victim is that he’s from Bakersfield, a city north of Los Angeles.


Back in the day 1969 to be exact, the Mets were playing for the lead in the NL East against the Chicago Cubs. I was there and there was a fan wearing a Cubbies batting helmet. He was taunted with the usual fan jockeying.


But he wasn’t assaulted.  


So far no Dodger official has commented on the assault. The last time an attack  occurred was opening day 2011. The attack left a San Francisco Giants fan named Bryan Stow with brain damage, and led to prison sentences for his attackers, Marvin Norwood and Louie Sanchez.


Both attacks occurred in the parking lot. Stow was awarded 18 million after a trial in 2014.


There was no sign of security which was the case in 2011 when Frank McCourt owned the team. The new Dodger ownership said security would be beefed up and things like this wouldn’t occur again.


Perhaps that’s why the Dodgers have been silent. They suspect that this time a jury may award the victim 22 million.

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