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Civil Rights Leaders Call Out African-American Leaders Who Met With Trump


Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President and political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson and other civil rights leaders on Sunday, February 5 listed the names and organizations of those Black leaders who met with President Trump for the recent Black History Month celebration. They demanded that as leaders who purport to represent a wide segment of the African-American communities they use their influence with, and access to, Trump to hold him accountable for his past and present offensive racial actions.

“Trump’s hostile stance on issues of voting rights, job and housing discrimination, Obamacare and health care, police abuse, and immigrant rights are extreme sore points for millions of Blacks and are a litmus test on Trump’s sincerity about bridging the gap with Black voters,” says Hutchinson,” The Blacks who met and will meet with Trump have his ear and if they are true leaders in the Black community will use their position to demand an end to racial polarization and division his administration has and is fostering.”

The Black Leaders and Their Affiliations Who Met With Trump:

Mr. Armstrong Williams, Howard Stirk Holding Broadcast Group
Mr. Darrell Scott, Pastor, New Spirit Revival Council
Ms. Belinda Scott, Wife of Darrel Scott
Mr. James Davis, National Diversity Coalition
Mr. Gerard T. Robinson, American Enterprise Institute
Mr. Earl Matthews, Lt. Col US Army (Retired)
Mr. Paris Dennard, Thurgood Marshall's College Fund/ CNN Contributor
The Honorable Bill Cleveland, Former Vice Mayor of Alexandria, VA, Retired Capitol Hill Police Officer
Mrs. Ruth Cleveland
African American Members of the Trump Administration
Ms. Omarosa Manigault, Director of Communications, OPL
Mr. Landon Davis, Department of the Interior
Mr. Ashley Bell, Department of State
Ms. Lynne Martine Patton, Department of Housing and Urban Development
Mr. Daris Meeks, Director of Domestic Policy, OVP
Mr. Ja'Ron Smith, Domestic Policy, Urban Development and Revitalization
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Wells, Political Affairs
Ms. Leah LeVell, Communications
Ms. Monica Alexander, OPL
Ms. Kara McKee



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